Boston Public Radio Mention (1:00 in)

Jim Braude and Margery Eagan of Boston Public Radio narrated our March 2019 concert, The Creative Impulse, and talked about their experience the following morning on their show.

The Metropolitan Chorale was unbelievable! It was a concert about protest music, music during the Holocaust, South Africa during apartheid. It was just – it was fabulous!” -Jim Braude, co-host of WGBH’s Boston Public Radio

“The quality of the Chorale’s singing exudes confidence, insightful musical values, and—perhaps most importantly—an unabashed joy in singing. Any chance to experience the magic of the Metropolitan Chorale and Lisa Graham is to be treasured!”

– Charles Hamlen, Artisitic Advisor, Orchestra of St. Luke’s, New York, NY

Brookline Chorale’s Valentine’s Day story
By Laura Lovett

When Bethany Templeton Klem and her now-husband, Dennis Klem, sang together in the Metropolitan Chorale in Brookline, they stood directly across the room from each other. This gave them the perfect opportunity to make funny faces at each other and try to make the other laugh.

“Sometimes people next to Dennis got confused, and thought I was making faces at them,” Templeton Klem laughed.

Years later the Klems have two young kids at home. Now they have to take turns trading off chorale seasons so someone can stay home with the kids, but Templeton Klem said the goofy tradition is something she really misses now.<p “=””>The Klems are one of the more than a dozen couples who either met in the chorale or participated in the chorale together. The group practices every Tuesday from 7:30-10 p.m. at All Saints in Brookline. And love seems to be in the air at these rehearsals.
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